PRESS INFORMATION cooperates with Opodo - New bookings record in September

Nuremberg, 19 September 2007 - AG, one of the leading online reservation services for hotels worldwide, achieved a new record level of bookings at the beginning of September. Furthermore, the company has also agreed on a major partnership with the well-known online travel service Opodo.

Additional booking volumes in double-digit million range expected for the first year already

The new affiliate partner has integrated's complete hotel offerings into its website and is thus able to offer its users inexpensive accommodation prices and a selection of more than 210,000 hotels. Heinz Raufer, CEO of AG, expects to see additional booking volumes in a double-digit million range in the first year of the partnership already. "This partnership has provided us with access to another major group of booking customers." Opodo operates a leading online travel portal in Germany at and is also represented by proprietary websites in the UK, France and Italy, among other markets.

New bookings record underlines pleasing business performance

The third quarter has also been developing very positively for AG. This is underlined by a new record level of bookings reported by the company in September. On one single day customers booked almost 17,000 overnight stays, equivalent to a booking volume of Euro 1.67 million, via and its international TravelRes brand. "New key account customers and our increased international expansion have helped us to set a further new record", commented Raufer proudly with regard to the positive news. The company plans to intensify its activities in the Italian market and to open a further office in Spain before the end of the current year. AG, based in Hamm and Nuremberg, Germany, London, UK and Paris, France runs a free of charge hotel reservation service for companies and private users on,, and offers 210,000 hotels worldwide to be booked online. In 2007, has enlarged its business model - focussing on the placing of hotel stays - by the fast-growing segment of procuring conference hotels for corporate clients. Compared to other booking channels, customers benefit from considerable cost savings. These partially result from the very low hotel rates which is able to negotiate with hotels, thanks to its high booking volume. Additionally, always displays all rates available for every single hotel (e.g. promotional rates, corporate or weekend rates), so that the customer can choose the lowest or best-fitting rate. Another major advantage of is the fact that booking confirmations are sent right into the hotel's computer - making a reservation fast, safe and reliable. This is enabled by' unique integration of the hotels' central reservation systems (so-called CRS) under one consistent user surface. Well-known companies, such as Wella AG (subsidiary of Procter & Gamble), SAP AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, degussa AG, Logica CMG GmbH, Ernst & Young AG, Wal-Mart, Texas Instruments Inc., Deutsche Börse Group, Munich Re Group and others already use the corporate application.
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