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INFORMASI PERS - leading online hotel reservation service - announces record levels of sales growth for 2006 financial year

• Dynamic sales growth – 144% in the UK
• Booking volumes at record level

London, April, 27 - 2007 — AG – parent company to TravelRes in the UK - has released its business results for the 2006 financial year. The company, whose head office operations are based in Nuremberg and Hamm, Germany, is a leading online reservation service, acting as a global intermediary for hotel accommodation. Its business activities focus in this respect on the high-growth market for online business customer bookings. The company has succeeded in generating significant operating earnings and sales growth.

Sales grew by 55.3% to Euro 19.3 million, compared with Euro 12.5 million in 2005. Sales were also affected positively by the increased number of large-scale customers booking their accommodation via

The international business has recorded a particularly strong performance, with sales growth of 68.9% to Euro 7.1 million in this area – with growth in the UK at 144%. The company is thus already generating around one third of its sales in other countries. This substantial growth affirms the strategic decision taken by to map its scalable business model onto foreign markets.

Very good start to 2007: The company is maintaining its growth course in 2007. The number of overnight stays and booking volumes continue to rise compared with the previous year. Moreover, the management expects the TravelRes offices established in the UK last year and in France in January, combined with the development of the conference business, to provide further growth momentum.


As an agent between customers on the demand side and hotels on the supply side, UK-based TravelRes provides a comprehensive and technically-innovative internet-based, free-of- charge, hotel reservation service. TravelRes offers both UK business and private customers the opportunity to book hotels of all categories throughout the world at preferred rates.

It was in September last year when the UK/London operation was first set up as part of its international development programme under the domain name Says TravelRes Managing Director, Philipp Dostal: “It is particularly satisfying that we are building our reputation as offering an extensive range of hotels globally, many at the high end of the marketplace such as Leading Hotels of the World, Von Essen Hotels and Manor House Hotels of Ireland.


TravelRes is the international brand of AG. This brand name was reserved in 2006 to help push ahead its expansion into other European countries. In this context the company has also reserved all other relevant country domains. To support customer and hotel acquisition has already set up offices in London and Paris, which will be followed by other important countries. The strong customer loyalty and the high ratio of business customers facilitate´s entry into new markets as many foreign-based subsidiaries or parent enterprises of German companies contracted by, have already been using TravelRes since its inception. This clientele are the first potential customers. The aim is to establish TravelRes as the leading online hotel reservation service for business customers in the aforementioned foreign markets and – step by step – in Europe as a whole. AG AG, based in Hamm und Nürnberg(Germany), in London (UK) and Paris (France) runs a free of charge hotel reservation service for companies and private users on,, and AG offers 180.000 hotels throughout the world to be booked online. In 2007 has extended its business model by the strongly growing business segment of conference hotel bookings through corporate customers. Compared to other booking channels, customers benefit from considerable cost savings. These partially result from the very low hotel rates which is able to negotiate with hotels thanks to its high booking volume. Additionally, always displays all rates available for every single hotel (e.g. promotional rates, corporate or weekend rates), so that the customer can choose the lowest or best-fitting rate. Another major advantage of is the fact that booking confirmations are sent right into the hotel’s computer - making a reservation fast, safe and reliable. This is enabled by's unique integration of the hotels' central reservation systems (so-called CRS) under one consistent user surface. Well-known companies, such as Wella AG (subsidiary of Procter & Gamble), SAP AG, ThyssenKrupp AG, degussa AG, Logica CMG GmbH, Ernst & Young AG, Wal-Mart, Texas Instruments Inc., Deutsche Börse Group, Munich Re Group and others already use the corporate application.

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