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Contact for journalists in:

United Kingdom:

Telephone +44-20-32061430

Fax +44-20-30436699

E-mail  press_uk@hotel.de

Telephone +33-1-44695300

Fax +33-1-76774774

E-mail  press_fr@hotel.de
Spain, Portugal, Latin America:

Telephone +34-93-2721965

Fax +34-93-8001505

E-mail  press_es@hotel.de

Telephone +55 11 2853-0000

Fax +55 11 2853-0001

E-mail  press_br@hotel.de

Telephone +39-06-32803425

Fax +39-06-87500827

E-mail  press_it@hotel.de
All other countries:

Telephone +49-911-59832-0

Fax +49-911-59832-11

E-mail  press@hotel.de

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